24 June 2016


We had some adorable faces with us during our 2016 Summer Arts Camp, and even though camp is done, their smiles will stay with us for quite some time.

As is our tradition on the first day of camp each year, we introduce ourselves and show off our talent with our very own illustrated and painted...


Using black Sharpies and the strategic placement of watercolor on acid free mat board, the two dimensional faces of our Camper Kids came to life.

It is always a fun beginning to our camp week and a barometer of what to expect from these little artists in residence.

We could tell from these works of art that we were in for an adventurous and artistic two weeks.

The saturation of color was beyond bold.

The expressions drawn on these faces so true to the personalities of the Camper Kids.

Their work was such an inspiration to me, that I even had a few moments to sit down with them to paint a couple of portraits myself.

Here is a peek at some of their work in progress...

...and a few who posed with their painted portraits.

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