Drop Off Information

Please drive all the way up the driveway and around the circle and drop off your Camper Kid.  You may arrive and drop off your Camper Kid{s} fifteen {15} minutes prior to the beginning of camp class {no earlier please}.  Kindly leave as soon as possible to allow for more drivers up the driveway without gridlock.  Camp class begins promptly at 9:00 AM.

Camp class ends at 12:00 NOON and Camper Kid{s} must be picked up no later than 12:15 PM or a minimum charge of $10 per fifteen {15} will be billed.  For pick up, please proceed up the driveway in the same manner as during the morning drop off.

~ ~ ~

Terms & Conditions

Medical, Photo, Damage Release ~ My child has permission to take part in all camp activities.  I give camp staff permission to seek medical treatment for my child in case of injury or illness.  I give permission for use of photographs of my child for camp publicity {no names of children will be disclosed}.  I give permission to camp instructor/director to dispense non-aspirin fever reducer pain reliever and bug spray as considered necessary.

Privacy Statement ~ The information on this form is considered confidential and will not be released to any third party except for {1} assisting healthcare providers in the event that professional medical treatment is required; {2} complying with a court, legal or regulatory order; or {3} seeking reimbursement for returned checks or other similar credit and/or payment matters.  We do not sell, lend, rent, or otherwise share your private information to third party vendors of mail, e-mail, or other marketing lists.

Cancellation Fee ~ There will be a $50 cancellation fee per child for any camp cancellations made five {5} days prior to the first day of camp for which your child or children are registered.

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This above information is on the registration form.  Your signature at the bottom of the registration form is acknowledgement that you understand and accept the above terms.  Thank you.