31 July 2016



Summer zipped by too fast, didn't it?  I know that many of our Camper Kids were on their way to the beach after their week here at Summer Arts Camp, however, all of the Camper Kids enjoyed a little "ocean time" while they were here in June.

OCEAN ARTS DAY was one of the highlights of Summer Arts Camp this year.

During Week One we created sea creatures from recycled plastic bottles and papier maché, using layers of pastel blue tissue paper and home made paste, which resulted in a family of octopuses.

These eight legged squids were adorned with seashells on their heads, google eyes, and glitter on their tentacles and when they swam into our "saltwater aquarium" for a photo, they were as handsome and glamorous as could be.

While the octopuses were happy in the aquarium, the Camper Kids started sailing away and painted saltwater-colors works of art.

Using black Sharpies to sketch their sailboats on the sea and saturated watercolors for color, the boats started floating on the waves.

Some sprinkles of salt on the wet watercolor paint, added a textured effect, much like sand in the sea.

Love all the color!

By Week Two there was not a single fish out of water.  We continued our OCEAN ARTS DAY, but with a different project...

...a Fancy Fun Fish!

Painting with acrylics this time instead of watercolors, the Camper Kids went wild and painted fabulous tropical colored fish on paper.

We stuffed them {the fish, not the Camper Kids} with paper and added a ribbon so that they {the fish} could hang as a mobile.

This school of Fancy Fun Fish got all A's!