26 July 2013


We celebrated the Twentieth Century Modern Artists one day at Summer Arts Camp during week two.  Inspired by the simplicity of Joan MirÒ and Paul Klee, the Camper Kids sketched their whimsical figures and painted away!

Using just one black Sharpie marker and only the three primary colors of paint ~ red, yellow, and blue ~ the children got creative with their own versions of Joan MirÒ illustrations and paintings.  Take a look at these fabulous works of art...



While these adorable paintings were drying, the Camper Kids channeled Paul Klee and drew cityscapes on vintage book pages {from old Reader's Digest books donated from the Friends of the Library}, and then painted their drawings with watercolors.

Villages, castles, and faraway places were created on these printed pages.

I'm just showing you a few, but each child drew and painted three and they all were very imaginative.

Watercolor is the easiest way to have instant gratification when painting because it moves so easily on the paper and dries so quickly.

The Camper Kids did awesome work during Modern Art Day!

As the momentum of summer slows down, Summer Arts Camp is becoming a memory, but there are still some creations the Camper Kids made that I will share with you all before I sign off for the season.

See you soon.