31 July 2013


The other day I received a complimentary contributor's copy of Artful Blogging in my mail box and to my surprise the Summer Arts Camp 2013 banner, which I had shown to the editor {Jennifer Jackson Taylor, an artist herself} earlier this summer, was published!

Check this out ~ the third one down ~ Summer Arts Camp 2013 ~ recognized in this beautiful journal of beautiful websites and beautiful blogs.

 I am even more thrilled, not just for the fact that our local art camp was noticed, but that Matthew's original art is part of the banner design.

"Sailing Away" and "Beautiful Sunset" are his original watercolor paintings that he created when he was just four and five years old.  Way to go Matthew!  {We sell his collection of fine art prints, called "Monkey Treats" in our Etsy shop.}  The entire Monkey Treats collection is shown on the side bar collage below to the right.

So this is a lesson to all you creative kids ~ keep up the good work and one day your work may be featured in a magazine and sold to art collector's around the world!

'Back soon with end of the Summer Arts Camp creations.