18 July 2017


Did you know that it was National Ice Cream day on July 16th?

It's also National Ice Cream month, according to some very reliable sources.

The Camper Kids got a head start on this fabulous food holiday when we had Sweet Treats Arts Day!

We not only made delicious papier machè ice cream cones, but also scrumptious cupcakes!

And while the sprinkles and frosting were drying on those sweets, we cooled off and made some painted Popsicle and lollipop mobiles.

The best part was eating real ice cold Popsicles at the end of the day.

That was the cherry on top.

07 July 2017


It's beach time!

We brought the ocean to us again this June at Summer Arts Camp.

Last year Ocean Arts Day was such a splash when we made papier maché octopuses from plastic bottles, that we had to create another squirmy sea creature this year.

Whimsical papier maché jellyfish, made from tiny plastic bowls, tissue paper, sea shells, google eyes, and ribbons were swimming all around us!

Silly jelly faces and expressions filled our aquarium.

Jellyfish were squirming and squishy sponge sea urchins began to fly!

{At the end of the day, the Camper Kids made squishy spongy sea urchins, soaked them in a bucket of ice cold water, and threw them at Matthew!}
A perfect way to cool off!

Ocean Arts Day was a blast!

03 July 2017


The Fabulous Faces 
of Summer Arts Camp 2017!

Every year on our first day of Summer Arts Camp we celebrate our beautiful selves.


And, the first doodle we do is our "selfie!"

We sketch an abstract ~ modern arts style ~ drawing of ourselves with a black Sharpie marker.  

Then we paint it with vivid watercolors.

And we see what happens.

Some of these silly Camper Kids got carried away and painted their pets...and other sweet creatures.

Every face {and creature} and every child unique.

Their art continues to amaze us.

Expressions that made us laugh.
In a very good way, of course.

We love this first day of Summer Arts Camp, as it allows us to really see how each child expresses his or her self. 

Some of these fantastic Camper Kids, even went further and made selfies using just Sharpies.

We thought that they all were GREAT!

This is our fifth and fabulous year of Summer Arts Camp.  It was wonderful to have so many of the Camper Kids return and we so enjoyed meeting new creative souls.

Until next time!

10 June 2017


It's as simple as 
black and white.

Guss says that 

Summer Arts Camp 
is here!

Our first week of camp begins in just two days and we are thrilled to have some of our veteran Camper Kids join us again and excited to meet our new friends this summer.

Inspired by Henri Matisse's paper cutouts, here's a peek at one of the projects we will be creating at Summer Arts Camp 2017 during our BLACK & WHITE ARTS DAY!

See you soon!

31 May 2017


These early summer rainy days have kept us indoors, most, but not all, of the time.

We had to find something fun and creative to keep our hands busy.

So we painted watercolor doodles with those raindrops and puddles of paint!

The colors, vibrant...

The patterns, whimsical...

The flavors, delicious!

The flavors delicious?

Just wait and see what we do with these playful painted doodles.