19 May 2016


Do you ever feel as though you are running around in circles?

Spinning so fast in this life that it is as though you end up right where you began?

We do and did something about it!

Last weekend we camped out on our patio, worked on some new projects for Summer Arts Camp, and revisited some favorites.  Without giving all the details away and leaving a bit of a surprise for you, here's a peek at a paper collage project the Camper Kids will be doing on CIRCLE ARTS DAY.

Then we got some bubble wrap and painted it with bold brush strokes...

...using it as a stamp of sorts, we pressed it onto some mat board and made abstract art.  
We even framed them.

But of course we could not waste the un-used paint left on our palette...

...so we painted sheets of paper in bright colors.  When the paint was dry, we punched out circles, of course, and then applied them to mat board creating a bright pattern.

Simple and clean and vibrant.

We got dizzy having so much fun in the sun creating these projects!

CIRCLE ARTS DAY is one of our themed art days at Summer Arts Camp this year.

We hope that you will join our circle of friends and become a Camper Kids this year.