03 May 2017


One of the most fun Summer Arts Camp projects to date is paper marbling which we introduced last year.  

Paper marbling is a method of surface design, which can produce patterns similar to those found in smooth marble or other kinds of stone.

Our technique was very kid friendly and fun, using shaving cream as the solution on which we floated the color.

We dripped watercolor paints onto the smooth, creamy surface of the shaving cream which was in a tray, and then created marbled patterns by gently swirling the colors in the shaving cream.

When the patterns were finished, the Camper Kids carefully pressed watercolor paper - ever so lightly - on top of the goop...

...and then carefully lifted it out.

After each Camper Kid dipped about three sheets of paper, they scraped the solution off of the paper and what you see in the above photos are some of the beautiful results.

Each one a unique monotype.  

The Camper Kids made note cards out of their marbled papers, but long ago these types of papers were used as book covers or writing surfaces for calligraphy.

Clean up time was a kaleidoscope of color and a beautiful mess!

Guaranteed, that we will be doing this project again at Summer Arts Camp 2017.

We hope you will join us in June in our creative and beautiful mess!